Your story so far is about hard work. Smarts. Leadership.
A lifetime spent doing things the right way.

Now the plot thickens: You need to safeguard your wealth for future generations. And that means finding an advocate you can trust. Someone who will help you get to the "happily ever after" part.

In the Middle Ages, royal families would send a representative on diplomatic missions – someone they trusted without question. Someone who always put the interests of the family first.


This person was called an envoy.


The small flag in our logo, known as a GUIDON, represents the standard we carry in your name, and the uncompromising sense of duty inherent in our name.

Our Tenets

In an industry crowded with old-guard players, Envoi is small by design and mighty by deed. We're more than just a financial firm. We're a protector and a confidant, a negotiator and an agent, an ally and an advocate. We're your envoy.

You've written quite a story so far.
Here's to the next chapter.